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Q & A

Where will the proposed design be stored when not used (on site(no storage room), storage room close to the site, other locations?)

The idea is that this will be a semi-permanent fixture in the Atrium. Obviously it will depend on the specific functionality of the design, but the plan is that it will stay in the Atrium. An ideal feature would be if we were able to move it around the space with ease.

Can we include pieces that are to be suspended off the ceiling or to be hung on the walls?

Yes, potentially.

Do we need to consider building code requirements at this stage of design?


Are scaled drawings [plans, elevations, sections] of the space available now?

Yes, please see downloadable PDF’s of Atrium Floor Space Plan, Atrium Ground Floor Plan, Common Area Plan here http://not-a-black-box.ca/#contact

What is the diameter of the circle in the plan?

Approximately 43 feet both ways (a perfect circle).

Also in regards to the “modular form” requirement: does it mean that the installation must be built with identical pieces or it can be, for instance, a variation of several modular types?

The structure can be designed using a variety of modular types, the idea is that the structure is moveable and can adapt to different uses.

Could you please elaborate on this sentence in the design brief: “Privacy: The temporary installation must enable privacy to the attendees, if that is the requirement of the event”?

The idea is that the structure could provide some privacy for an event taking place in the Atrium such that the whole Atrium is not disturbed by the event; as the Atrium is a busy place with entrances for retail stores the new structure should create the opportunity for multiple activities to happen in the space at the same time.

Other than horizontal and vertical, is there any ratio to respect?

The two PDF pages should be 11x17 or tabloid in size. The pages should be horizontal in orientation

What should be the maximum file size ?

There is no maximum file size, however the submission does need to be emailed to be submitted.

Will it be printed on paper or can it contain video/audio embedded?

The submissions will be printed on 11x17 size paper for judging. There should be no impeded video or audio.

Does the submission have to show the team name somewhere?

The team name should not go on the PDF, only the registration number should be included. The registration numbers need to be kept confidential by yourself until the judging is complete, then the team members can be revealed once the winner is selected by the jury.

It is said that one horizontal rendering of design is required. Does it mean that the rendering images shall be arranged laterally on a landscape sheet? Are the plan view, section views and 3D view of the design to be included on the rendering?

The 11x17 PDF must be landscape / horizontal in orientation. You can arrange renderings and plan and section views of the structure however you choose on the two pages as long as all submission requirements fit on the two pages and are legible.

What is the weight of each evaluation criteria - innovation, feasibility and relevance?

The three evaluation criteria will be weighted equally in the judging process.